5:00pm Mass followed by dessert reception in the
lower Church hall. All are welcome!

Christmas Boutique

Do You Live Your Life Right?

Being persistent. Often we think of it as being a pest, constantly nagging or annoying; and yes, sometimes it can be. But being persistent in faith and prayer is different. It lets God know that we trust Him and know that He will answer us and be there for us. But with persistence should also be patience. That’s is usually where we are lacking. We pray to God and think that if we ask two or three times that should be enough. Sometimes it’s not and we must continue to keep faith, never giving up. That’s true faith. Do you become frustrated when your prayers are not answered right away? Remember God answers our prayers, but in His time.

Knitting Circle

The first meeting of our Knitting Circle will be Sunday at 10 AM in the school cafeteria. We knit/crochet for the Ambassadors of Hope, making scarves, blankets and hats for various charities. Come to help out those in need.

Instruction is available for those who would like to learn. Future dates are: Nov. 20, Dec. 18, Jan. 22, Feb. 26, Mar. 19, Apr. 23 and May 21.

Vocations of the Laity

Tuesday, October 25 at 7 PM come to reflect on how each of us can respond to God’s call in our lives. Jerry Tortorella from the diocese will be our presenter. Come to find how we can live out our call as disciples of Jesus